Our Team


Mark Russell

CEO & Founder

Mark is the founder and CEO of HyperSciences. Mark has a Masters from Stanford in Aero/Astro, is the former lead engineer for Blue Origin, and has a long history of family mining development and operations for some of the world’s largest mines. Mark provides both the vision and technical expertise to lead the world’s first company focused on hypervelocity applications.

Raymond Kaminski

Senior Advisor

Raymond Kaminski is an engineering and business leader with experience in the space exploration and financial technology industries. As a lead engineer for NASA’s International Space Station, he was known for his leadership abilities and technical knowledge, which he applied to the financial industry. As the director of product development and integration for Honest Dollar, Raymond led the strategy, design, and execution of a FinTech platform that was acquired by Goldman Sachs within less than a year of the product’s launch. Raymond remained at Goldman Sachs as an executive, where he led initiatives that directly contributed to the firm’s retail banking strategy and growth. In addition to co-leading HyperSciences, Raymond has served as a senior advisor and C-suite for multiple successful startups across a wide range of industries.

Chuck Russell

VP of Business Development

Chuck was one of the first investors in the commercialization of the RAMAC technology and is also a HyperSciences Director. His past experience has involved exploration, development , permitting and sales of mineral projects in Asia. Chuck is responsible for managing HyperSciences remote testing facility and installation and controls of the RAMAC instrumentation.

Industry Strategic Partners

Mike McSherry

Director – Former CEO of Swype, Founder of Boost Mobile

Mike is a serial entrepeneur and former CEO of SWYPE (mobile app) as well as other large communication platforms. He has raised and returned hundreds of millions of dollars to investors, and 4 out of 5 of the startups he has been involved in have been quite successful.

Hossam Elbadawy

Oil and Gas Advisor – Former CEO of Tercel Oilfield Products

Hossam Elbadway is a technical and business advisor to HyperSciences. He is also a Senior Operating Partner at Lime Rock Partners and former CEO of Tercel Oilfield Products, that he sold in May 2016. Prior to serving in these roles, Hossam spent nearly 17 years at Schlumberger, most recently as Vice President of Manufacturing. Earlier in his career at Schlumberger, Hossam managed the company’s leading-edge Rosharon Technology Center and the Houston Product Center. He currently serves on the board of directors of GEODynamics, and TGT Oil and Gas Services.

He is a graduate of Ain Shams University (B.S. in Mechanical Eng), Kellogg School of Management (MBA) and McCormick School of Engineering (M.Eng) at Northwestern University.

Dr. Carl Knowlen

RAMAC Chief Advisor

PhD, AA Engineering, MSAA,  BSAA, University of Washington, Seattle.

Dr. Knowlen is a Research Associate Professor at University of Washington, Seattle. Research ativities are related to energy conversion, combustion physics, and hypervelocity propulsion relating to research programs on the ram accelerator hypervelocity mass driver.