Using hypervelocity technologies, we are creating better solutions for drilling, tunneling, energy, and transportation.


Shell LOI signed for a Joint Industry Project related to drilling
HyperSciences wins NASA contract for HyperSonic Vehicle Research
HyperSciences opens an energy location in Austin, TX

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About the Technology

Using our technology, we have built one of the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective hypersonic engines.

Our Team

Founded in 2014, HyperSciences develops and builds some of the world’s most innovative technologies. Our team is comprised of experts from every field including aerospace, geology, oil and gas, research, and manufacturing . We're based in Austin, TX providing us with a strategic location for our energy and aerospace partners.


Mark Russell

CEO & Founder

Raymond Kaminski

Senior Advisor

Chuck Russell

VP of Business Development

Industry Strategic Partners

Mike Mcsherry

Director – Former CEO of Swype, Founder of Boost Mobile

Hossam Elbadawy

Oil and Gas Advisor – Former CEO of Tercel Oilfield Products

Dr. Carl Knowlen

RAMAC Chief Advisor