For the last 40-50 years, every major mining company in the world has been looking for a viable replacement for drill and blast. It’s slow and expensive, it’s labor intensive, it’s unsafe, and it’s bad for the environment. Despite this, today over 90% of rock breaking in underground hard rock mines is still done with traditional drill and blast methods. 

HyperSciences has developed and patented HyperCore™ technology that can shoot projectiles at 3-5x the speed of sound, effectively pulverizing any hard rock surface with which it comes in contact. Our solution addresses each of the four critical pain points of drill and blast:

  • Efficacy: our solution can break through any hard rock by repetitively pulverizing the target in its path, and doing so with precision at continuous mining rates.
  • Safety: our system can run remotely/autonomously inside a ventilated mine, and soon, with support for diesel/bio-diesel, we will be able to go deep underground
  • Environmental and Clean: our solution is highly energy efficient with a low carbon footprint because we break rock through repetitive high speed impact with more efficiency than any other rock breaking systems. We use simple, clean industrial fuels for combustion and low cost, dense concrete or iron projectiles for the pulverization – no nitrates are introduced into the site 
  • Cost effective: the cost per BCM (Bank Cubic Meter) of our hypercore is approximately 30% less than drill and blast, but the real economic gains come from dramatically reducing time-to-mineral and improved grade – our technology can move 3-5x times faster than both drill and blast and tunnel boring machines and with greater precision and flexibility. Further, there is minimal capital expenditure for our hypercore technology – we utilize off-the-shelf components to build our hypercore units at a fraction of the cost of large-scale TBM solutions. Speed translates directly to monetary benefit.