Step 2:

Upon receipt of your contact information and interest in investing, you will be contacted to submit your accredited investor verification letter.

This link will take you to a Template Accredited Investor Verification Letter which must be prepared and addressed to HyperSciences from your CPA, attorney, investment advisor, or broker/dealer. If you do not have such an advisor, you may also use an accredited investor certification service such as Verify Investor for a nominal fee. 

Learn more about whether you qualify as an "accredited investor" here.


Step 3:

Digital Signature Page

Upon receipt of your Accredited Investor Verification, we will the financing documents via DocuSign to electronically sign and will send you instructions to wire/ACH your investment funds.

*We promise not to sell or transfer any of your personal information to third parties. Any information you submit in the above form will be used solely for purposes of exploring an investment in HyperSciences, Inc.

Interested Investor Form


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