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Reg D Accredited Investments

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Please review the following documents:

Step 2:

Verify Accredited Investor Status

Email us a signed copy of your accredited investor verification letter to [email protected]

  • “In order to invest in this offering, you must send us a letter that certifies that you are an “accredited investor” as defined by the SEC. The link below takes you to a Template Accredited Investor Verification Letter, which must be prepared and addressed to HyperSciences from your CPA, attorney, investment advisor or broker/dealer.

Step 3:

Digital Signature Page

Upon receipt of your Accredited Investor Verification Letter, we will send you a signature page via DocuSign and will send you instructions to wire your investment or send via check to Law Firm Bank Account (Closing Agent).

*We promise not to sell or transfer any of your personal information to third parties. Any information you submit in the above form will be used solely for purposes of exploring an investment in HyperSciences, Inc.

Reg D Accredited Investment Form


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