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Electrical Engineer

The Opportunity

HyperSciences, Inc. is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time electrical engineering position with benefits (healthcare & dental). Our staff works closely with a multi-disciplinary engineering team in the development of mechanical systems. A major focus of our electrical engineering team is development and integration of various electrical components and system communications. Good candidates for this position will:

  • Enjoying coding, prototyping, and testing in a lab environment.
  • Be looking for opportunities to grow, mentor and be mentored.
  • Excel at electrical design, industrial communications, have instrumentation experience, and coding abilities in a testing lab environment.
  • Enjoy solving challenging problems in a fast paced and dynamic work environment.


The Opportunity

Are you an adaptive machinist looking to work in a dynamic and rewarding environment? Would you like to find a creative outlet for your strengths through continuous learning working on cutting edge technology? Do you often find yourself wanting to machine various parts and seeing them perform in a live environment?

HyperSciences, Inc. is seeking a qualified candidate for a machinist position. Our machinist will work with our team of highly skilled engineers in drilling, aerospace, and tunneling. A major focus for our machinist is development of test hardware for prototype testing for technology maturation.