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Project Manager

Who We Are

HyperSciences: Life at Mach 5+

As our business grows HyperSciences (HSI) has a need for a dedicated project manager with experience in agile/scrum frameworks. HSI is solving some of the world’s hardest problems in geothermal energy, tunneling-mining, and aerospace using revolutionary HyperCore™ engines. HyperCore engines are capable of accelerating large masses to high flight velocity (1000-2800 m/s, Mach 3 – Mach 8) repeatedly, regularly, and safely. HSI has demonstrated the efficacy of regularly launched high-speed projectiles for directing enormous energy towards transforming rock-breaking dependent industries (geothermal energy, mining and tunneling). This technology also stands to substantially improve the standard of living on earth, all the while sustainably and incrementally proving out a metronome for large-scale practical impulsive hypersonic flight for the future. HSI’s revolutionary HyperCore engine’s ability to launch regularly and repeatedly enables an incremental and highly iterative design-test-repeat philosophy that is well suited to an agile project management framework.

The Opportunity

We have an open full-time/contract position for a Project Manager who has experience in managing teams in custom software and/or mechanical or electrical engineering. The right Project Manager, or Velocity Producer, will be extremely detail oriented, task driven, entrepreneurial, highly organized, self-driven and will have a passion for excellence. We are an agile team of aerospace, mechanical, software professionals, with offices in downtown Spokane, Seattle, Houston and Austin, Texas. The position is intended to be full-time, but initially could be part-time for the first few months as the manager transitions out of current opportunities and into all things HyperSonic in their career with us.

Engineering Internship

The Opportunity

Are you a success driven Mechanical, Electrical or Aerospace Engineering student scheduled to graduate in 2021 or 2022 with a GPA of 3.5 or higher? Would you like to find a creative outlet for your strengths in mechanical or electrical design, dynamics/kinematics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and/or propulsion in a testing lab environment? Do you often find yourself in a leadership position? Do you seek out and enjoy solving difficult problems?

HyperSciences, Inc. is seeking qualified candidates for immediate paid engineering internships and intern-to-hire positions. Our interns work hands-on with a multi-disciplinary engineering team in the development of aerospace-related mechanical systems. A major focus of our internships is development of test hardware and prototype testing for technology maturation.