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HyperSciences is using the power of extreme velocity to radically change the economics of industries and companies whose success hinges on the ability to break rock as fast as possible.


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About the Technology

We are commercializing the ram accelerator (RAMAC), a 30 year old mature technology developed at the University of Washington that is capable of firing large mass objects in excess of 2 km/s or 4,500 mph.

Our Team

Led by successful businessman and scientist Mark Russell Our team is comprised of aerospace engineers, geologists, and mining project developers who are well poised to not only develop and optimize the tech but deploy commercial solutions to our customers and partners.

Mark Russell

CEO, Director & Founder, Spokane

Hossam Elbadawy

Advisor, Houston

Tim Elder

RAMAC Engineer & Analyst, Spokane

Dr. Carl Knowlen

RAMAC Chief Advisor, Spokane

Chuck Russell

Director & Vice President Business Development, Spokane

Mike McSherry

Director and Resident Entrepreneur, Seattle

Minh Button, Spokane

RAMAC Propulsion & Test Engineer, Spokane

Matt Bell

Advisor, Houston